Event Date:
November 9, 2019

Entry Forms Available For Download:

Note: All files are in a PDF format and around 600k in size. Click next to the form you want to download, type in the access code then hit "Download File". Pro/Am forms are password protected. Request your pass code here.

The forms have been updated on 6/24/19 - we are on version 2.
If you have an old form please download version 2.

You will need Microsoft Excel to open the file "2019 ProAm Accounting Form.xlsx". This version auto calculates the cost for you. If you don't have Excel, download the PDF version.

  2019 Advertiser Form Ver2.pdf
  2019 Amateur Multi-Dance Entry Form-Rev2.pdf
  2019 JDC Competition Rules Ver2.pdf
  2019 ProAm Accounting Form-Protected Rev3.pdf
  2019 ProAm Accounting Form.xlsx
  2019 ProAm Multi-Dance Entry Form-Rev2.pdf
  2019 ProAm Single Dance Entry Form-Rev2.pdf
  2019 ProAm Solo & Fun Dance Entry Form-Rev2.pdf

Type the Access Code numbers in the box:  Five Zero Eight